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Photography has been an avocation of Michelle Coleman for nearly a decade. Michelle attributes her interest in it to growing up around the dykes, beaches, and woodlands of Kings County and learning to appreciate their beauty.  Cultivating a passion and an eye for recording this natural beauty has led to the photographs now on display here. While her primary focus has been landscape photography – “I try to capture something unique about the places I explore” – Michelle also uses her camera to tell stories about people, places, and cultures. 

In 2016, Michelle published a book titled “Portraits of Nova Scotia” which featured some of her favourite landscape images from around the province. The same year she teamed up with another local photographer and organized “Friends for Syria”, an initiative using some of their photos to raise funds to purchase Arabic-English dictionaries for new Canadians from Syria. Michelle is a contributing photographer to the Valley Faces of Business Directory published yearly by the Rotary Club. As well, she recently completed a project for the Nova Scotia Museums to photograph and catalogue museum artefacts. In 2018, Michelle was recognized in the Nova Scotia legislature for her contributions in photography.

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